Source code for orangecontrib.text.wikipedia

import wikipedia

from Orange import data
from orangecontrib.text import Corpus

class NetworkException(IOError, wikipedia.exceptions.HTTPTimeoutError):

[docs]class WikipediaAPI: """ Wraps Wikipedia API. Examples: >>> api = WikipediaAPI() >>> corpus ='en', ['Barack Obama', 'Hillary Clinton']) """ metas = [ (data.StringVariable('Title'), lambda doc: getattr(doc, 'title')), (data.StringVariable('Content'), lambda doc: getattr(doc, 'content')), (data.StringVariable('Summary'), lambda doc: getattr(doc, 'summary')), (data.StringVariable('Url'), lambda doc: getattr(doc, 'url')), (data.ContinuousVariable('Page ID'), lambda doc: int(getattr(doc, 'pageid'))), (data.ContinuousVariable('Revision ID'), lambda doc: int(getattr(doc, 'revision_id'))), (data.DiscreteVariable('Query'), lambda doc: getattr(doc, 'query')), ] attributes = [] class_vars = [] text_features = [m for m, _ in metas] string_attributes = [m for m, _ in metas if isinstance(m, data.StringVariable)] def __init__(self, on_error=None): super().__init__() self.on_error = on_error or (lambda x: x)
[docs] def search(self, lang, queries, articles_per_query=10, should_break=None, on_progress=None): """ Searches for articles. Args: lang(str): A language code in ISO 639-1 format. queries(list of str): A list of queries. should_break (callback): Callback for breaking the computation before the end. If it evaluates to True, downloading is stopped and document downloaded till now are returned in a Corpus. on_progress (callable): Callback for progress bar. """ wikipedia.set_lang(lang) results = [] for i, query in enumerate(queries): try: articles =, results=articles_per_query) for j, article in enumerate(articles): if callable(should_break) and should_break(): break results.extend(self._get(article, query, should_break)) if callable(on_progress): on_progress((i*articles_per_query + j+1) / (len(queries) * articles_per_query), len(results)) except (wikipedia.exceptions.HTTPTimeoutError, IOError) as e: self.on_error(str(e)) break if callable(should_break) and should_break(): break return Corpus.from_documents(results, 'Wikipedia', self.attributes, self.class_vars, self.metas, title_indices=[-1])
def _get(self, article, query, should_break, recursive=True): try: article = article.query = query return [article] except wikipedia.exceptions.DisambiguationError: res = [] if recursive: for article in, 10): if callable(should_break) and should_break(): break res.extend(self._get(article, query, should_break, recursive=False)) return res except wikipedia.exceptions.PageError: return []